Lip Serum Oil For Dark Lips
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Lip Serum Oil For Dark Lips


Rasberry Oil, Hydrating, Vitamins C ,Brightening Serum for chapped and pigmented lips. Lip Serum Oil is a fluid that will penetrate deep into your skin level, repair, and lock the lips’ natural moisture. They target specific concerns with the help of active ingredients and natural oils.

Capacity : 10 ML

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You must be fantasizing about those perfect lips that you see on screens, in ads, or sometimes around you! Is it that tough, indeed no, and with Lip Serum Oil?

A lip serum oil works on the inside and not just on the outside because of the smaller
molecules present in it. It is made under expert guidance and prepared with a lot of research. to nourish and enrich your skin, find out the benefits of Glittr Lip Serum for Dark lips.


1.Increases Volume
The advanced lip serums help reduce vertical lines, hydrate them and define lip lines. The ingredients help the lips look fuller and plump.

2.Improves Lip Texture & Pink Lips
A suitable lip serum for pink lips is a lip-lightening serum that helps you get pink, healthy, moisturized lips.

3.Minimizes fine lines around your lips:
Lip serums reduce the lip lines and aging lines around lips because of certain chemicals that are great for the skin.

4,Plump the lips from inside
The hydrating acids and oils help plump lips from the inside for a natural look.

5,Deep conditions
The lip serum goes deep into the skin because of the lightweight formulation and deep
conditions your lips.

6.Helps lipstick last longer
Lip serums moisturize and hydrate the lips, which helps the lipstick stay long and gives it a great shine.

How To Use

How to use Lip Serum?

Exfoliate your lips properly.Pat dry them with a soft towel or napkin.Apply a drop or two on dry, damp lips. (Serums absorb more on wet skin.)Leave it on for some time before applying lipstick. For P.M, leave it overnight.

Tip – One can apply Lip serums as a primer. It helps your lipstick last long

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